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Latex Pillow

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  • Made of Natural pure latex
  • non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti- allergic.
  • Ergonomic design, effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of sleep.
  • Outstanding moisture absorption and breathability, especially help to reduce snoring.
  • The elasticity can well balance the body pressure.
  • High-tech scientific formula, durable, never deformed.
  • Latex pillow can improve the cervical spine, lumbar vertebrae and low blood pressure.
  • Latex pillow can effectively reduce the static electricity generated between the human
    body and the fiber.
  • The honeycomb structure can create more airflow and dissipate the heat.
  • Environmental friendly, no pollution to the landfill.

22 reviews for Latex Pillow

  1. William

    A great pillow indeed!

    I made a right choice by investing in this pillow, else I would have spent money in doctor visits and medications. No regrets. Perfect and soundless sleep.

  2. Sue

    Bought for my friend as a house warming present and she loves it. ❤️

  3. Isaac

    Its good quality, comfortable and provides excellent support for the neck. Feeling better after using this product and lot of difference observed and my purpose of buying this product is met and worth for money. Thanks to Kewau !! Keep it up.

  4. Paula

    Bought two last month and still loving them!

  5. Mark

    Quick delivery, can’t wait to try tonight.

  6. Max

    This is exactly the one I was searching for .. give it sometime before you get accustomed to the pillow.. it took 5-8 days for me before I could see real difference.

  7. Emilia

    I’ve been using it for more than 1 month and i didnt have any neck pain like before…have tried other memory foam but this is far better than others…highly recommended

  8. Grace

    Very comfortable as per description. Coolness and softness is worth the price you pay.

  9. Ellie

    I bought it for my mom, as she was diagnosed with Spondylosis. The pillow has reduced the pain in her neck significantly. She can now sleep comfortably. She really adores it. Now I have ordered another one for my dad as well. It really is a good product. Highly recommended.

  10. Sadie

    Awesome product at reasonable price, the quality of memory foam is superb, it adjusts as per the body requirement and very comfortable.

  11. Hudson

    Relieve neck pain, back ache. Soft ware people should use from the begining to avoid or minimise spondilysis problem

  12. Sophie

    Very nice, as worth every penny. very comfortable on ur back and shoulders. good product.

  13. Poppy

    Had insomnia, neck pain and back pain. This pillow solved all my problems. Heads up: sleep straight. the position matters.

  14. Matilda

    It is very comfortable. My neck aches frequently and it has provided relief to the pain. I have been looking out for a pillow like this since ages. 👍👌

  15. Dominic

    I loved the material and quality very much . It’s 100% value for money .

  16. Jahne

    I bought this after I had a neck spasm and recovered after physiotherapy. This pillow is excellent for supporting my neck and very comfortable without being unnecessarily fluffy or lumpy. It has very high quality memory foam that is comfortable and effective is maintaining good neck position. Great value for money!

  17. Sienna

    Good one..! Received before the committed date.
    Very comfortable..! Very happy with service as well!

  18. Ashton

    Very Nice, comfortable, value for money!

  19. Jayde

    It has helped to ease my neck pain.
    The quality is good. Justifies what is promised.

  20. Aria

    This isn’t just another pillow, It’s science and thought put together! Amazing customer service. Delivered on time. Pristine packing. Absolute worth for money!

  21. Sophia

    Amazing product by Kewau!!, it’s comfortable as features, smooth as butter, complete solution for better sleep … Stay tuned with it .

  22. Emily

    Moderately hard and memory foam. Love it.

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