Artiko Group (“Artiko”) warrants its Artiko Designs products for a period of 12 months from the date of initial delivery for the durability of materials, surface properties and functionality as well as the professional workmanship

A warranty claim exists when a defect can be proven to have resulted from a failure in material, design or workmanship. During the applicable legal warranty period Artiko will supply all replacement parts free of charge, incl. packaging, transportation and installation. After that period Artiko warrants, at its own discretion, either to repair the product, or to replace it with a comparable one, free of charge. This guarantee does not apply to failure resulting from normal wear and tear. Any warranty service provided by Artiko will not result in a suspension or interruption of the existing warranty period; nor will it represent the start of a new warranty period.
The warranty is not transferable and valid only for the first buyer.

In order to benefit from this warranty, a written notification about the damage must be submitted to Artiko immediately after it occurs, along with a copy of the invoice, photos and a detailed description of the damage. A damage notification will be considered when submitted to Artiko within the warranty period.

Warranty restrictions and exclusions

For moving parts, electrical parts, media components and monitors, as well as wearing parts, the legal warranty applies exclusively. The Artiko warranty does not apply to product failure resulting from:

  • damages caused by customers‘ gross negligence or wilful intent
  • improper handling, improper assembly, improper use or disregard of the Artiko operating instructions
  • damages caused by third parties
  • damages caused by unusual environmental influences
  • damages caused by force majeure
  • damages caused by improper maintenance or repair
  • damages caused by alterations to the product by the customer or requested by the customer
  • damages caused by improper transportation or installation
  • damages caused by normal wear and tear (e.g. changes in surface finishes due to aging or exposure to UV light or water)

Artiko reserves the right to request the return of damaged warranty products before replacing them. The liability of Artiko is strictly limited to the aforementioned obligations and it is expressly provided that Artiko is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages, operating or commercial losses or costs for legal proceedings.

The warranty period starts from the initial date of delivery.

If Artiko rejects a warranty claim, the customer’s claims for this warranty will become time-barred within six months of the receipt of Artiko’s declaration of refusal. This warranty is the only legal instrument that Artiko recognises for defective products, parts or components, to the exclusion of any warranty granted additionally by an authorised Artiko dealer. The warranty is also excluded in cases where a customer submits a claim to a Artiko subsidiary or an authorised Artiko dealer based on a legal or contractual warranty. The terms of this warranty are valid until recalled.

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