Boost Universal Shelves (Set of 2, Shelves Only)


Purchase the Boost Universal Shelves online now. Available in Black, White, Teak, Charcoal and Raw. Select your colour.

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  • Please note this item is the SHELVES ONLY, the Boost Standing Desk is required to attach the shelves on.

Boost universal shelves are an easy way to add shelves to your Boost Standing Desk. Simply clipping into place, these shelves give you more storage space in a matter of minutes. If you love minimalist furniture, these shelves have a stylish, modern look. 

Our popular standing desk is great for home offices, both for those who work from home and kid’s study spaces. If you need additional space for things like paperwork, printers, and any other work items, then simply attach these shelves to the unit to give yourself more storage.

If you aren’t using your desk all the time, these shelves turn it into a stylish set of display shelves or a bookcase that can be used all around the home, from bedrooms to living rooms, garages, kitchens and more. Each shelf is strong enough for multiple uses, from a kitchen shelf to a bookshelf, and comes in a range of colours. 

It couldn’t be easier to attach these shelves to the unit. We specialise in easy assembly furniture, so we’ve tried to make the process straightforward. They easily clip onto the desk, without the need for tools, and you can add or remove them in just a couple of minutes. 

The plywood furniture made by us is of the highest quality, and these shelves are no exception. Made from premium plywood, they are built to last, hardwearing and also complement your existing décor perfectly. 


  • Dimensions: 480mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 160mm (H)
  • Qty in a box: 2
  • Material: Premium birch plywood
  • Packaging: Flat pack
  • Packaging size: 535mmx 415mmx 110mm
  • Product weight: 3kg

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