Carousel Side Table/Stool/Plant Riser(Set of 2)


Purchase the Carousel Side Table/Stool online now. Available in Black, White, Teak, Charcoal, Grey and Raw. Select your colour.


The Carousel Side Table is a suitable choice if you’re looking for a multi-purpose table for your office or home space. This furniture piece offers simplicity in assembling – you can assemble it in less than 2 minutes and you don’t need tools to do it. The tool-less assembly gives you peace of mind and convenience when you want to set up your table in a timely manner.

Our Carousel Side Table is weight-tested and you can use it as a stool as well as a side table. Whether you need a small table to place near your bed, in the bathroom, or in your living room, this furniture comes in handy. You can use it to place small items like your smartphone, laptop, magazine, books, and other gadgets and home essentials. 

This furniture piece is made from premium plywood allowing it to be strong, durable, and firm for the day-to-day use. Its minimalist design makes it a great piece for the space-trapped areas. It can be a good addition to your home furniture sets and can complement your living room furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture, and bathroom furniture. 

Do you need a side table that doubles up as a stool? Carousel Side Table can be used for many purposes – a coffee table, placing your bedroom essentials, plant riser and gadgets, or a bathroom piece to place your items. 

Buy Carousel Side Table today for your home office. It’s simple, stylishly designed, and gives you the minimalistic design you need to save room in your house or office space.


  • Dimensions: 300mm (Dia.) x 360mm (H)
  • Qty in a box: 2
  • Material: 18mm premium birch plywood
  • Packaging: Flat pack
  • Packaging size: 520mmx 380mmx 150mm
  • Product weight: 5kg

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