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Seduce Side Table


Purchase the Seduce Side Table online now. Available in Black, White, Teak, Charcoal and Raw. Select your colour.

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Who said good things come to those who wait? The contemporary Seduce Side Table takes just 5 minutes to construct (and put away). Offering a fresh, innovative design and premium finish, this versatile piece is the perfect addition to the modern-day home.

The future of furniture assembly is officially here – no tools or screws necessary. That way, you can spend less time fussing with confusing instructions, and more time doing what you love. The finished table is strong and stable, so you can confidently use it to perch your favourite lamp, display a treasured photo, burn that scented candle you’ve been saving, or to support your drink of choice. The possibilities are truly endless.

The Seduce Side Table adds a touch of mid-century modern design to the bedroom, living room, or office. The tri-pod configuration is both practical and stylish, and the small profile makes it a space-efficient choice for even the cosiest nooks and crannies in your home or business.

This streamlined, modern table is crafted from high-quality birch plywood and is available in three colours: black, white, and raw.

High-quality furniture is now even more attainable. Allow yourself to be seduced by this striking, easy-to-build side table.


  • Dimensions: 600mm (W) x 700mm (H)
  • Qty in a box: 1
  • Material: 18mm premium birch plywood
  • Packaging: Flat pack
  • Packaging size: 770mmx 665mmx 65mm
  • Product weight: 8kg

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3 reviews for Seduce Side Table

  1. Shane

    Fast delivery, the customer service team is very helpful.

  2. Manny


  3. Vanessa

    I am happy with the Seduce Side Table which I have just assembled today, however it was much more difficult to assemble than expected! I found that the 6 leg pieces were incredibly stiff once slotted into the holes in the table top, and would not slide into place. I tried following the instructions on the sheet which came in the box, and also tried following the steps as shown in the video here (as they are slightly different.) It looks so easy in the video! I could not simply push them with my hands as in the video! I found I had to use a small hammer to very carefully nudge the leg pieces into place. I did this incrementally, working a bit on each leg piece before moving on to the next and going around and around until they were all in place. Obviously this dented the pieces a little bit, but I don’t mind since these edges aren’t visible as they’re hidden under the table top. It is very sturdy now that it is assembled.

    Be aware that this table may be bigger than you expected also! I had assumed that the width measurement provided of 500mm was of the table top diameter, however it is of the width between the legs! The table top is in fact 600mm in diameter. It is 700mm in height as stated. This makes for quite a high table, which I am currently using as a mini desk as it is the perfect height for me (I am 5 ft tall!) It shall make for a very versatile table.

    The table arrived quickly, only 4 days after I ordered it. I also ordered a Boost Sit and Stand Desk in the same order, which I was surprised didn’t arrive together, however am hopeful it too will arrive soon.

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