Bloom Display Tree


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Purchase the Bloom Display Tree online now. Available in Brushed Charcoal, White, Teak, Grey and Raw. Select your colour.


Showcase your indoor plant collection with the Bloom Display Tree. If you have a green thumb or are trying to cultivate one, you’ll find the Bloom Display Tree indispensable. With plenty of room for plants of different sizes, there are also places for your tools — keep your secateurs and watering can on the Bloom Tree’s handy shelves.

Thanks to Artiko’s high-quality finishes, you won’t have to compromise your style: brushed charcoal, grey oak, raw, teak, white are all available.

The Bloom Display Tree features four individual plant podiums in a stylish design. No need to worry about your top-heavy rubber plant — each shelf holds up to 30 kg.

With a space-saving footprint of just 70 cm X 30 cm, the display tree can be home to between four and six of your favourite pot plants.

Artiko’s quality furniture is constructed of premium birch plywood that has been specially treated to be strong and durable and is locked together simply and easily, no tools required! See our handy video guide showing the rack being assembled in just 15 minutes.


Dimensions: 700mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 1300mm (H)
Qty in a box: 1
Material: 18mm premium birch plywood
Packaging: Flat pack

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