Beats Records/Turntable Station


Bringing together all your music listening kit a single organised unit, Beats is one-of-a-kind.

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Solving the organisational challenge of your record collection in a modern and stylish way.

Beats will be the life of the party, whether it’s a big night in or a low-key chill session. You can easily move your collection to a different room — or near a seating area, or even an outdoor deck — thanks to the discreet wheels at the base of the Beats Record and Turntable Station.
All your music and accoutrements together in the one spot means all you need to do is find an easy chair and sit back and enjoy!
Thanks to Artiko’s high-quality finishes, you won’t have to compromise your style: raw birch, elegant white, teak, silver gum and midnight charcoal are all available.
The Beats Record and Turntable Station features custom notches to store your albums, two hooks to keep your headphones out of harm’s way, four sets of display shelves for your favourite album covers, two shelves, and a number of vents to ensure the unit has good airflow and is suitably stylish.
With a space-saving footprint of just 72 cm X 44 cm, Beats accommodates 160 albums, along with space for a turntable and old-school amplifier.
Artiko’s quality furniture is constructed from premium birch plywood, specially treated to be strong and durable, and locks together simply and easily. No tools required! See our handy video guide showing how the Station is assembled in just 15 minutes.


  • Dimensions: 720mm (W) x 438mm (D) x 1090mm (H)
  • Qty in a box: 1
  • Material: 18mm premium birch plywood
  • Packaging: Flat pack
  • Packaging size: 1170mmx 770mmx 125mm
  • Product weight: 34kg

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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of delivery?

Right now we are offering free shipping Australia-wide! Get in fast to take advantage of this great offer.

Is the Beats Record and Turntable Station suitable for renters?

Yes! Thanks to its compact free-standing design and stylish finish, the Beats Record and Turntable Station is perfect for renters and home owners alike who are looking to organise their record collection!

Is the Beats Record and Turntable Station suitable for apartments and units?

Absolutely! With a compact footprint of just 72 cm X 44 cm Beats is the ideal solution for music storage in all kinds of apartments and units.

Do I have to fix the station to the wall?

No need to alter your home — this free-standing station does not require bolting to the wall or floor.

What tools do I need to assemble the station?

No tools are needed! Thanks to our ingenious design, all of the pieces simply lock in together. See our speedy installation video)! (link to video if possible).

Is the station made of real wood?

Yes! The Beats Record and Turntable Station is made of premium birch plywood in a range of four high quality finishes: raw birch, elegant white, teak, silver gum, midnight charcoal.

How do I care for the Beats Record and Turntable Station?

Simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep Beats looking new.


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