Unleash Chair


Purchase the Unleash Chair online now. Available in Black, White, Teak, Charcoal and Raw. Select your colour.

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Unleash the design possibilities for your home or office with this durably designed and easy-to-assemble chair.

The Unleash chair features an ergonomic design to enhance comfort while supporting your back. Its rugged and durable body, composed of premium birch plywood, also features an almost deceptively light weight.

Its modern look helps the Unleash chair to fit today’s minimalist home and office design schemes. The chair would look great as stand-alone extra seating or as a set around an equally attractive and functional Unleash table. 

Our Unleash chairs also liberate you from hours of assembly using tools, screws, and hard-to-read instructions that seem to go on as long as War and Peace. You will only need a couple of  minutes to assemble and then enjoy your new chair. 

The chair comes in black, white, or raw, colours selected to help your chair match almost any look in your home or business. You will not find a more durable chair that assembles with such ease and looks this good in a contemporary setting.

Make sure to take a look at our entire range of chairs, tables, and other furniture, all of it meeting the same standards for style and strength.


  • Dimensions: 430mm (W) x 510mm (D) x 750mm (H)
  • Qty in a box: 1
  • Material: 18mm premium birch plywood
  • Packaging: Flat pack
  • Packaging size: 860mmx 555mmx 70mm
  • Product weight: 7kg

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